Who are we?

With more than 12 years experience storing and distributing industrial seals, we can certainly state that we are experts in sealing. We control the raw material used in silicone plugs for barrels as we have been working with it for years; thus, we create special seals for different applications and, most of the times, adverse surroundings.

All this “know-how” has enabled us to launch our own line of business and provide to the cooperage market and wineries a high quality product at a very competitive price. JIOrings aim is to improve the service of those companies which already consume silicone plugs and expand our market to those which still have not taken the plunge. In both cases, our product and its features, and the close, agile and quality service we offer constitute our main competitive edge.


How was Nortap™ created?

Being really keen on the good wine, we entertained the idea of expanding our business once we were having a company dinner in a winery. When we got to the winery and we saw the silicone plugs, all of us thought the same: “This is something we could also make in the company”.

Having seen that, we carried out a market research that turned out to generate enough interesting outlets to create our own image for this new product line. In that way, we separated the silicon plugs for barrels from the rest of our industrials seals.


Nortap™, JIOrings’ trademark

Nortap™, as JIOrings’ trademark, includes the graphic/physic/operational identity of the range of plugs which are commercialized by JIOrings.