A guarantee of quality and safety in the wine and food industry

Why are certificates important for silicone plugs for barrels?

The wine and food industry requires high and consistent quality standards to ensure product safety (in our case, wine) and consumer satisfaction. Within this scenario, silicone plugs for barrels play a crucial role. These elements, although small and often overlooked, are fundamental to maintaining the quality and purity of the wine contained in the barrels.

Tapones de silicona homologados

These certifications of Nortap silicone plugs ensure that they do not alter the characteristics of the wine stored in the barrels, such as its taste, smell, or chemical composition. Moreover, they certify that the materials used are suitable for contact with food and beverages, a critical factor in the industry.

Their durability and resistance to deterioration guarantee effective long-term sealing, which is vital for wine aging. Their flexibility and adaptability allow an airtight seal, preserving the quality of the wine and preventing its oxidation.

Advantages of Silicone Plugs

Compared to other materials, such as wooden plugs that are still in use, Nortap silicone plugs offer several advantages:

  •     Consistency and uniformity: Silicone plugs provide a uniform seal, avoiding problems such as variability.
  •     Durability: Resistant to degradation, silicone plugs maintain their properties over time, essential for wines intended for long aging.
  •     Safety and Reliability: Being certified, these plugs guarantee food safety, complying with international regulations.
  •     Quality of the silicone: The silicone plugs (VMQ 40) do not alter the taste of the wine, as they do not chemically interact with it.
  •     Innovation and Sustainability: These plugs represent a technological advancement, offering sustainable and efficient solutions for the modern wine industry.

Nortap Plugs, a Synonym for Quality

Certified silicone plugs are a vital component in the wine industry, ensuring quality and safety in each barrel. We invite you to explore our range of certified silicone plugs, the perfect choice to protect and preserve the best of your wine.

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