JIOrings was founded in 2004 by Jean-Albert Morlard, Iñigo Barrenetxea and Óscar Zamorano, three associates-workers, as well as an Italian multinational group (Tecno Invest Group) with a plant based in Lesaka, Hidro Rubber Ibérica, which owned the 51% of the shares.

Four years ago, both sides decided they did not bring synergy to each other and the three founding associates bought the 100% of the company. JIOrings’ main business is constituted by seals, we own one of the largest stocks in the Iberian Peninsula and we quote on any available item in less than an hour. What is more, we commercialize any kind of silicone special pieces based on the drawing or sample provided by the customer.


The quickest way to find a seal

We have been more than 12 years storing and distributing industrial seals, and we cover the whole range of the standard sealing program. The main competitive advantages for working with us are the following:

  • More than 25 million available seals.
  • 5 stars products (O-rings, X-rings, Cord-Rings, V-rings, Axial seals, PU U-Rings).
  • Online store open 24/7.
  • Quotation in less than 1 hour for any available item.
  • Genuine Viton® O-Rings.
  • Genuine FDA Viton® and FDA Xiametre® Cord-rings.
  • Moulded O-Rings of great diametres without any tooling charges.
  • Special productions of O-rings from €80,00.


Special pieces

At JIOrings we also manufacture special pieces or parts, which may be made based on the drawing or sample provided by the customer. We can produce special pieces in small or large series, in different elastomeric material (such as approved mixtures for water, gas, flame, supply, etc.), and always meeting each client’s specific needs.

Among all the special pieces, in 2016 we bet on the commercialization of silicone plugs for wine barrels. The acceptance of the wineries and cooperage industry we have started working with is been excellent, and consequently, JIOrings has signed the brand (Nortap™, plugs from the North) so that the plugs may be exclusively identified.