The advantages of our silicone barrel plugs

  • Manufactures in organoleptically neutral 100% food-grade silicone. Our plugs are compliant with all the stringent requirement of the BfR and are FDA-approved as well.
  • Odorless and tasteless.
  • Silicon plugs’ hardness and shape ensure the barrel is perfectly sealed.
  • Wide range of mouth sizes: we have the corresponding plug for each size.
  • Nortap™ silicone plugs last for years, unlike wooden plugs which have to be replaced, for instance, its time a wine is decanted.
  • Almost immediate availability for programming and security stocks.
  • Customization of the plugs for the color (RAL) and logo inclusion.

Types of silicone-made plugs for barrels

  • Flange plugs: plugs with a top flange to ease handling during fitting or extraction.
  • Conical plugs: plugs with a conical shape that enables a maximum sealing of the barrel.
  • Racking plugs: plugs designed to achieve traditional racking through gravity.