Plugs full of colour and personality

Yellow represents joy and intelligence.
Blue is associated with stability and depth.
Red with intensity, passion, desire, and love.
White is considered the colour of perfection.
Black represents elegance, power.
And what about you? What colour would you like your plugs?

When you are looking to give colour and personality to one of the most important processes in winemaking, Nortap™ coloured silicone plugs are the best choice.

Alongside the barrel (always made with the best woods), the plugs are the most visible part of the phase in which the wine matures or ages in barrels. Depending on the ageing time of the wines, they are classified as “jóvenes” [young] (spends either no time in a wooden barrel or, at most, 6 months in a barrel and/or bottle), “crianza” (minimum of 24 months of ageing with a minimum of 6 months in a wooden barrel and the rest in the bottle), “reserva” (minimum of 36 months of ageing with a minimum of 12 months in a wooden barrel and the rest in the bottle) and “gran reserva” (minimum of 60 months in total with a minimum of 24 months in a barrel and the bottle).

Our colourful silicone plugs:

  • They meet the main requirement of the process of barrel-ageing wine, which is that the plug fits its hole perfectly snugly. The hardness and shape of the silicone stoppers provide a perfect seal for the barrel. In addition, both for the actions of ‘filling’ and ‘decanting’, silicone plugs are ideal because they can be reused without any problem since they do not deform or degrade.
  • They do not impart any flavour or smell to the wine. Our plugs are also FDA compliant and comply with all of the requirements established by the BfR, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).
  • They give a touch of colour and differentiation to the barrels. Today, product customisation is an aspect that is not limited to the bottle or labelling, many people choose to customise every last detail of the process.

For visits to wineries, in addition to explaining all the stages of winemaking, it is intended to imbue the visitor with a passion for creating one of the oldest wines in history. In fact, the history of wine runs parallel to the history of mankind and many of the changes in production and technology are reflected in wineries, where art, wine culture, and cutting-edge technology are perfectly combined. In fact, art is seen in the architecture of buildings, in the designs of bottles and labels, and can be savoured on the palate.

Our small contribution to the most aesthetic side of wine comes in the form of a plug. All that is required is a simple model of the plug, the RAL colour, any desired personalisation in terms of the logo of the brand or the group and we can get to work, without any minimum production requirements in terms of quantity.

Fortunately, there are almost as many wines as there are colours. Remember that if you want to give your product a note of originality without compromising quality, JIOrings Nortap™ plugs are the best choice.

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