Wine is an ally for our health when reasonably taken in

No matter whether it is red wine or white wine, young wine, aged wine or reserve wine, it is beyond doubt that wine, in the right quantity, contributes innumerable benefits to our lives. Wine is good for the heart, reduces the risks of cancer, improves food flavors, makes the digestion easier and puts a halt to neurodegenerative diseases but, on top of that, it is also the perfect unifying element of our social relationships, table talks and family ceremonies that involve a warm and relaxing atmosphere. For that reason, we must be really demanding with the product we consume.

Nortap silicone plugs for JIOrings’ wooden barrels entail the compromise and the perfect balance between the tradition and the last generation technology. They are suitable for any type of wine and they are manufactured in food-grade silicone in order to avoid transferring in a very effective way any unwanted odor or flavor to the wines. Besides, our plugs do not have to be replaced each time the wine is decanted.

When the wine stands and evolves in wooden barrels, it needs, without a doubt, some stability conditions that cannot be jeopardized due to dubious efficiency materials. The barrel has to be perfectly sealed and Nortap silicone plugs guarantee this sealing, both in the shape and hardness.

By the same token, our caps help the environmental sustainability as the material they are manufactured with entails the largest efficiency of the purpose they were designed for and therefore they last notably longer than traditional wooden plugs.

The young wine, aged wine, reserve wine or great reserve wine will evolve in the barrel in a perfect balance thanks to the centenarian knowledge that makes wine tasting an incomparable pleasure and the technology that places it in the future even before it comes out from the barrel.


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