Wine’s colors

One of the most known, appreciated and which constitutes a worldwide reference in order to list or classify the wine is the color. We might speak later on about the wine and its listing according to the aging, the amount of grapes used for elaborating it… but now we are going to focus on the different types of wine by its color.

Red wine

This kind of wine is mainly elaborated with different grapes and that is one of the main reasons for its color. In general, the fermentation is done with grape-juice and grape skin (where the color lies) and when the fermentation ends (approximately 20 days), the devatting takes place. The devatting is the process (also known as drawing) consisting of the separation of the wine from the grape skins during or after fermentation.

White wine

This wine is elaborated with white grapes. In order to get the white wine, the grape-juice and grape skin must be separated immediately, the latter not to confer any color at all.

Rosé wine

The rosé wine is elaborated with red grapes, and the grapes remain in contact with the juice for a short time. The must is then pressed and the longer the skins are left in contact with the juice, the more intense the color of the final wine is. Afterwards, the strained grape-juice is fermented.

Clairet wine

Clairet wine is elaborated as the red wine, since the fermentation is done with the grape skin yet with a large amount of white grapes. In that way, a wine with little color is achieved.

Tapones colores Nortap

Nortap colorful plugs

In Nortap™ we are really fond of the wine and all its colors and for that reason we offer our clients silicone plugs of any color: from plugs that give at a mere glance information about the wine in the barrel to corporative colors that identify the cap with the color of the company. Everything totally personalized.

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