Wood and silicone in harmony

The use of the wooden barrel, that is to say, the key container for storing the wine, is almost as old as the wine’s history itself. The well-known Roman historian Pliny the Elder attributed the origin of the barrel to the Celts who used to employ the barrels not only for the transportation of the wine but also for the transportation of a wide range of products. Since then, in the Middle Age and the whole History the barrel has incessantly been used.

Indeed, the barrel is commonly used for the transport of different products such as salting fish, sugar or salt. With the emergence of other materials (stainless steel and glass bottle) wooden barrels are only used for wine aging. The usage for that purpose began in Spain in the 19th century in Marqués de Riscal and Marqués de Murrieta wineries, yet only after the 20th century that its use is going to be generalized, due to its cost.

As for the manufacture of the barrel, it is really important the cut and drying of the wood, the assemblage and of course the roasting of the wood. On the other hand, it has to be highlighted that plugs are an essential part and the use of the silicone has really represented a revolution. Cork plugs have always been considered a fundamental piece in the barrel, however, the use of silicone plugs has turned out to be an excellent alternative for all types of wine. Nortap™ silicone plugs for barrels have a great range of advantages:

  • Low permeability to gases.
  • Organoleptic neutrality.
  • Large elasticity.
  • No fast aging and no need to be replaced in every wine transfer.
  • High resistance to temperatures.

For that reason, Nortap™ (FDA-approved / BfR-approved) silicone plugs have turned out to be a fantastic alternative and their used is more and more generalized. There are many renowned wineries that already trust us.

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